KELD has been working closely with many of the best-known companies of cement manufacturing machinery for over two decades in India.

The process of Drying and manufacturing cement involves very advanced technology, which in turn demands the very best from the components use.

Expansion Joints and Dampers can be exposed to temperatures varying from ambient to 1000°C as applicable in a cement plant. Because cement production gives rise to a high content of Cement Dust in Flue Gases, KELD designs expansion joints with different sleeve arrangements and damper blades with special materials and appropriate safety factors, as required for protection from the abrasive particles as well as dusty mediums. Expansion Joints need to be highly flexible, particularly when continuous thermal movement and vibrations are common features in the calcinating process, which place additional stress on materials. Dampers need to be designed to compensate for the high dust build-ups near the blades as clinker and cement dust can build up rapidly and can obstruct the operation of the damper. KELD uses special materials in this application to ensure long operating life.

The typical locations of Expansions Joints and Dampers are:

  • All Flue Gas Ducts
  • Process pipes
  • Raw mill ducts
  • Coal mill ducts
  • Cement mill ducts
  • From fans to bag filters and ESP's
  • From cyclones to fans
  • Chimneys
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