Power - Coal Fired

Expansion Joints and Dampers find ample use in Coal Fired Power Plants. A high degree of reliability, long service life and easy replacement possibilities to reduce downtime are vital factors in the design and selection of these equipments. KELD has regular worldwide supplies to large power stations including compensators for installations in:

  • Boiler systems
  • Coal mill inlet and outlet
  • Air preheater ducts
  • Gas cleaning systems
  • Fan inlet and outlet
  • Chimneys

KELD has developed products to help extend the life of Coal Pulverisers. Expansion joints used at the mill inlet and outlet are specially designed to accommodate the very high abrasion, vibration and the instantaneous pressure surges. These compensators have a built in mechanism, which facilitates extension of the product life by 3 times. The first non-metallic expansion joint supplied during 1989 for such application is found performing satisfactorily even after 10 years of service.

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